The dismissal

...and other ways of breaking the employment contract

Whether you are an employee or an employer, you all have rights established by the Labor Code and by the applicable collective agreement. in your business.

It is essential to be advised by a labor law professional in order to protect your interests.

For this, our Firm is your ideal partner and ensures that your rights are respected and that your union ensures good representation for you.

Our Firm listens to you, analyzes your needs and solves your problems.

If you are the victim of a dismissal that you consider without real and serious cause, our Firm calculates your severance pay and defends your interests.

Just as if you are the victim of psychological harassment within your company, our Firm is at your disposal and grants great importance to human relationships.

Our Firm is experienced in matters of fundamental rights and freedoms, if your employer infringes them or if you are a victim of discrimination, we assert your rights with determination before the territorially competent Labor Court and even before the Court of Appeal.

As an employer, depending on the professional category of your employee and your sector of activity, your employment contract must stipulate certain non-disclosure, non-solicitation and non-competition clauses, our firm takes care of it.

If you consult us for the termination of the contractual relationship with your employee, we analyze the situation and submit the solution to you the most appropriate. It is essential to be advised by a Lawyer before making this decision and to ensure that all the precautions were taken properly.

Indeed, in terms of dismissal, we take into account the seniority of the employee, serious misconduct and the general behavior of your employee.

The proven economic difficulties of the company may lead us to invoke an economic reason rather than another reason which would be less appropriate.

In addition, our council can, if necessary, intervene in terms of disciplinary measures to be taken against your employee.

Moreover, as a leader you must dictate a company policy. In this vision, our firm guides you in this area and drafts these documents which make it possible to supervise the work within your company by anticipating sometimes many conflicts.

Our firm is able to meet all your needs, whether as an employer or an employee, just as it can represent you before the Labor Court, the Court of Appeal, the Administrative Court, The Social Security Affairs Court.

Employee or employer, entrust us with this mandate, it is our legal concern.